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As a student in the elite program you are admitted in our courses for elite training at a suitable for level.
It is both exciting and demanding being a student at DNBS&A/DNBS Bærum`elite training in classical ballet as you are given the trained for a professional career. Starting at a young age you will have a good base as ballet requires several years of teaching, programming you body reflexes to remember correct positions and movements. Inner motivation and determination to succeed is anyhow the the key factor for success, as efforts and determination in each day’s training will make a difference. Students at DNBS`elite training is taught by skilled pedagogues and the individuals development are looked after by a dedicated management. The best achievements comes from a good cooperation with student/parents and pedagogue/management with shared goals and efforts.
We look forward to new fruitful cooperation!

For admission and pricing for the elite training, please contact us for more information.
For pricing of other courses, have a look here.

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