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Already during the first 10 years of establishment, DNBS has contributed to producing Norway`s best student achievements.

In the private sector with few means, based on voluntary work from international experts and due to the good partnership with pupils / parents, DNBS has become a school which is bringing forward new Norwegian talents as they are educated after the Russian ballet system.

Throughout the education at DNBS our students at preprofessional level participate in both national and international competitions and are readied for their careers and are presented as interesting dancers both for our National Ballet and other international companies.

DNBS welcomes sponsors – individuals or firms – aiming to bring forward Norwegian talents. Supporting young talents at DNBS you also support the development and strengthening of a ballet education based on the world’s best ballet program – the Vaganova method – which is refined over several centuries and is known to have produced many of the world’s best dancers through ballet history.

DNBS view sponsors as a partner where DNBS can help to promote the sponsor’s values as we can serve as an inspiration in several difference ways according to the wish and need from the sponsor.

As sponsor, you can contribute in different ways:

  1. “DNBS Masterclass”, where special talents from the age of 16 are selected to be trained in DNBS` full-time program in their finishing part of the student`s education, preparing them for a professional career. Students are trained in ballet, pas de deux, modern dance, etc. and are prepared for competitions and a professional repertoire for big productions.
  1. Choreography, so that students at DNBS can be part of innovative and exciting new productions of world format, which simultaneously brings inspiration to the recipients of visual ballet repertoire in Norway.
  1. Performances with costumes, backdrops and process of rehearsals so that the talents can blossom on stage and inspire the audience with happiness and beauty.
  1. Special young talents from the age of 10 up to preprofessional level, who are participating in our evening program of basic education so that talents can benefit from the possibilities we can offer at DNBS with pas de deux, soloist work, modern choreographies, participation in competition, to further their progression and are not be excluded due to their financial situation.

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Donations are excepted with gratitude as it contributes to the development of young Norwegian talents at DNBS in their education, with all its components of soloist work, pas de deux, stage productions, modern choreographies, competitions. At the same time it strengthens DNBS` vitality where all our efforts goes to bring forward new talents.

You may donate to our Vipps account #501335, or to our bank account 607205.28.641.

Please contact the management, by Irene or Siri, for your contribution.

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If you buy photos or film, you also conribute DNBS.
Photographer is Stian Schioldborg

Photo: one performance 300 kr, two performances 500 kr.
FIlm: one performance 200 kr, two performances 300 kr.

You may order at post@dnbs.no.

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