20150605 DNBS I 0004



  • Contribute to the recruitment and development of young Norwegian dancers
  • Continue working towards realization of an educational system where ballet is an integrated part of the every day school activity at daytime
  • To be creative, supporting the growing interest and recognition of the art form of ballet, so that everyone who are involved can appreciate ballet in all its aspects, from the perspective of being an audience, professional artist or a student under education
  • To integrate the Russian style of ballet and its education as a part of Norwegian ballet culture, and give young Norwegian talents the opportunity to study after the Vaganova method, the legenary Russian ballet system


  • To be an leading school of classical ballet, developing young Norwegian talents
  • To be a source of inspiration nationally/internationally, supporting the growing interest of ballet
  • To be an institution, preserving and bringing forward the Russian style of dance and ballet education
  • To be a source of innovation and collaborate across different genre and style of dance, to bring forward individual creativity and put ballet into a bigger context

20121202 DNBS NK Søndag 0554

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