Our goal is to give the children/students the opportunity to develop their talent in an inspiring, dynamic and positive environment with dedicated pedagogue and fellow students.

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We want to share our passion for the different genres within the art of dance and theater. We want to inspire the children/students to always be – as our slogan says  – «Happy on Stage!», either as a result of finding their favorite hobby or want to develop further into a professional carrer.


Our vision is more than just about teaching dance and theater. It is important to realize that all starts within yourself. By challenging yourself in the classes, you are preparing for success, not just as a dancer or an actor/acress, however also in life itself.

To be able to create and to present yourself on stage, you develop all the fundamental elements within you, such as your intellect, all sets of feelings and physical qualities. This takes courage, patience, discipline and presence. Your creativity is set free when you find your individual way of expressing yourself.

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